October Already?!

We have wrapped up three weeks of Museum School and time is flying.  Some upcoming events at Glenbow that we are excited about are the opening of three new shows, Family Fun Day and some great lectures and artist talks.  Click on our Calendar of Events for dates and descriptions of the happenings here until January.

One challenge I have with museum visits is how and what will I try to turn into an indelible memory.  Certainly slowing down, sketching and reflecting are all part of the process – but what is the trigger, the key that makes one memory stick and another fade?  With 28 museum school classes and over 100 other classes that I work with it is hard to remember something from each of them.  For me, an emotional tie, a connection with how a student is feeling usually forms an indelible memory.  Here is an example of that.  We had a student who was having a hard time with the exhibits.  They were scary.  At one point he could not participate with the group and was taken to a place of his choosing by Michele, the museum school coordinator.  She was surprised by his choice;  the ferocious Palden Lhamo from our Art of Asia Gallery.paldenlhamoHe drew and drew, careful not to look at Palden Lhamo straight on.

PL drawing He asked Michele to read the descriptive panel with the Sculpture. In it are some words that didn’t have the same importance until connected to the emotions of this student, “Palden Lhamo symbolizes the strength which each human being requires to confront and overcome his or her own negative emotions…”   Indelible.

Serendipitous.  Somehow everyone finds what they need in this place.

Also,  one grade 2 class had a great last hour sketching our Aurora Borealis Sculpture from every level in the museum.   A group sketch with remarkably different perspectives!10.9.2015b 10.9.2015



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