Museum in Uncertain Times

Hi folks,

With the many changes we’re all dealing with due to COVID-19 we wanted to provide you with a bit of an update from the museum. As many of you know, we’re currently closed to the public, and we’re estimating that this (and decisions by our school boards) will mean an early end to this year of Museum School programming.

In the mean time, we’ve compiled a few resources for you to get your museum fix from home.

1. One of our open minds colleagues put together a journalling prompt, and it inspired us to make one too: Looking Deeply from Museum School. Hopefully this makes sense, and is useful to teachers or to parents in your network. We’d love feedback, so if there’s anything you would like at this time, or anything we can do for you, please let us know! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the (digital) archives; there’s certainly lots the museum has to offer online, if we can help you access or find things, please let us know!

2. On that note, here’s some things the museum has, or is doing right now

You can follow #GlenbowFromHome on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for programming and videos. Here’s the schedule: Wednesdays, 10am: Content for school-aged kids (think a virtual tour through our rocks & minerals gallery with a member of our education team, our favourite art activities you can do at home, etc) ​Fridays, 10am: Content for adults (think an online viewing of art from our collection, webinar links, etc) Mondays, 10am: We will release all the amazing art you and your kids are tagging us in in an online slideshow.

We also have a bunch of websites, (admittedly, most are old and not ideal to use), but the content is really interesting still (benefit of museums, old = good!).


Mavericks: an Incorrigible History of Alberta

Nitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life

3. Lastly, our dear friends over at the Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School have developed an enormous list of interesting museum distance learning tools for teachers and parents. You can access it here​.

Please comment any resources you’ve found that you’re a fan of, and keep us updated with any inspirational content you’re generating right now! The world needs more people like you… people who care deeply about education and the future it promises. Wishing you all well in these uncertain times.

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