Here are some of the resources we want to share with you in preparing for your week!

When your week is over, we ask adult volunteers and teachers to fill out a questionnaire to tell us more about your experience at Museum School.

Here are some websites from Glenbow that you may also find useful!

Educational Guides – Pre and Post Visit Activities
Need some pre-visit inspiration or perhaps activities to keep the learning going following your trip to Glenbow? Visit our website link and find Pre and Post Activities for our permanent programs. With our teachers in mind, these activities are designed to enhance your Glenbow visits in an easy to access and interactive way!

21st Century Learning – Links to Our Collection
These online modules and supplemental education guides were developed by our team of curators and educators to allow teachers and students online access to hundreds of images from Glenbow’s collections. Use images of artworks and artifacts to plan a lesson about contemporary art and the sharing of ideas, or to discover the captivating stories of the vastly different peoples of Alberta and Canada.
An educational website for grades 3 – 12

Nitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life
The Story of the Blackfoot People website activities are designed to encourage learners as they discover the complexity and uniqueness of Blackfoot history and culture. Developed in partnership with members of the Blackfoot
community, the site explores how the Blackfoot people lived with the land, the bison, their families and other people. Also available is a Teacher Toolkit which includes strategies for teachers to use the website in class.
Educational content specifically designed for students in grades 4–6, but with interesting information for students of all ages studying Blackfoot people.

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta
This online learning resource tells the story of our province through the lives of over 40 mavericks – individuals including Jerry Potts, John Ware and Colonel Macleod, among others, who have contributed to Alberta’s history. Students can access over 500 artifacts, maps, archival documents and historic photographs from Glenbow’s diverse collection that help tell the story of the different maverick personalities and Alberta’s history.
An educational research website for students in grades 4–7

Seven Stories
Over the past 20 years, Calgary has become increasingly diverse as we welcome immigrants from around the world. Meet seven Calgarians, originally from Southeast Asia, who chose Canada as their new home. They share their personal stories — how they left the land of their birth, the challenges they faced and the new roots they have found in Canada. This online resource offers students an opportunity to consider the hardships immigrants face when moving to a new culture and how their cultures have shaped the face of communities in Calgary.
An educational research website for students in grades 10–12

Most times your driver will know exactly where to drop you off, but this is the map, just in case:

Museum Bus Map

Look for more teacher-related material coming in the future, like a Student Work gallery!