Your Year


When you participate in museum school, it’s more than a week at Glenbow.

You will guide your class on a year long inquiry, participate in several professional development sessions, gain access to resources and tools, and spend a week working alongside museum and cultural experts in Glenbow. Accessing this special opportunity requires an application and some preparation.

We welcome applications from Teachers working with Grades 1-12 in all quadrants of the City of Calgary, as well as Airdrie. If you have any questions about eligibility please contact us.

There is detailed information about the Museum School application process on the  Campus Calgary Open Minds website.



The Glenbow Museum Open Minds year begins with your application.

There are two main parts to your application:

Letter of Intent: This will introduce yourself, your students (including  their possible previous Campus Calgary or Open Minds experiences), your school community, your passion  and understanding for your chosen site(s), as well as explain why and how Museum School  fits your year-long plan. Please explain who are you and what your year ahead  will look like with your Museum School week as a catalyst for year-long inquiry?

Long Term  Interdisciplinary Inquiry: This will  explain your long-term interdisciplinary study, focussed around a big idea  or question using the lens of the site as a focus.  This long-term big  idea (or question) will act as the framework for your year plan. Some teachers submit this as a web, a list, or something that symbolizes their big idea such as a book or a painting.

Your Big Idea should be a overarching question or thought that propels your year-long inquiry. Past examples of Museum School Big Ideas are:

  • How has conflict shaped our world?
  • What is an artifact?
  • Why does history matter?
  • What is a museum for?
  • What is the value of art?
  • How is the world interconnected?
  • What difference does perspective make?

When you have these two parts, you can begin your application online.


The Cost

We are grateful for the support of community and funder partners​ who put this program within reach of all Calgary teachers and students. Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District schools pay $1250



There are several ways we help you to prepare for your year long inquiry.

  • an evening planning and preparation session in the Museum in the late spring
  • a day of experiential learning and skill building in the Museum during summer
  • a journaling techniques book at the start of your school year
  • a planning meeting 6-8 weeks in advance of your week with your school district support (CC/OM Ops Team) at your school
  • a preparation session with your class 2-4 weeks in advance of your visit
  • newsletters from Museum School about exhibits and events


Additionally we provide some optional resources

  • support of the Museum School coordinators at any time for planning or preparation
  • at least 2 other optional PD sessions at different Campus Calgary/Open Minds sites
  • Information nights and sessions at the Teachers Convention on preparing your application
  • This blog, and other resources available from Glenbow on our website and social media


Follow Up

When you accept your week at Museum School, you are agreeing to not only the opportunity for your students, but also to be part of our process of reflection and change.

This is a key aspect of the program as it helps us to guide the Museum School in ways the best reflect current teacher and student needs.

Below are the links to surveys. We ask that both teachers and parents complete these surveys as part of your reflection process.

We recognize that formal surveys might not be the best way to share in depth information about you week. We welcome other types of feedback – maybe a meeting with you, feedback from students, invites to things happening at your school? We’d love to learn from your learning!